Comparative table

Discover the features of each offer

Maximum size for 1 video
2 GB
No limits
Import from any platform
Importing videos or channels
1 video or 1 channel at a time
Several videos or channels at the same time
Import via link, file, web interface, software (Nvidia shadowplay), API
Video Management
High Definition
HD 720p
HD 1080p
Multiple resolutions per video
720p only
360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p
Compression of videos with a format compatible with any platform and device
Setting the video (Meta data Title and description, selecting the preview image (1 or more thumbnails), adding subtitles in several languages)
Select the quality of the video
Creating and managing playlists
Management of video players
Customization of the logo
Creation of one or more video players
Customization of each player (Color, font size, logo, option activation)
Ability to disable all ads
Choosing to monetize or not his videos
Perception of monetization gains
75 % of advertising revenue
100 % of advertising revenue
Possibility to activate your own account of an ads network or to choose among the 40 or so of advertising platforms proposed by Pstream
Broadcasting videos
Prevent indexing of videos by search engines
Restrict video access by country
Ability to put a password on a video
Share with a link or an iframe code
Broadcast to social networks (Twitter, facebook, reddit)
Broadcast to instant messengers (Discord, Telegram, Slack)
Overall and video profitability
Percentage of abandonment per minute of visualization
Number of impressions
Number of plays
Number of views
Data retention
30 days